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What is OpenSitter?

OpenSitter is an application that simplifies "date night" by giving parents and sitters a way to connect and book time with one another. OpenSitter lets parents and sitters harness their social graph to connect with more sitters and more families. Parents gain access to more sitters they can trust. Sitters get access to more families they can sit for.

What's different?

There are already some good sites out there that let parents scan through long lists of available sitters and caregivers, read their reviews and connect with them. But at the end of the day, as highly reviewed as they are, the vast majority of the people you see on the screen are total strangers. You don't know anything about their values or the values of the people who reviewed them.

We believe that while reviews are one way to evaluate sitters, a better way is through recommendations from close friends. You know which of your friends share your values for parenting and raising their children. If they trust a sitter with their kids, there's a good shot you'll be satisfied with that sitter too. OpenSitter helps you connect with those sitters.

How does it work?

OpenSitter makes it simple for sitters and parents to book time with each other. At a glance, parents can see whether they have a sitter available at the time they need one. If not, they can send an OpenSitter request to all their sitters. The first sitter to book gets the sitting. Conversely, OpenSitter provides sitters a way to easily manage and share their sitting schedule with parents in their network. Parents are notified of new availability by email.

Who are you?

OpenSitter was founded by Parker Smith in January 2011. Parker and his wife are, first and foremost, parents of two wonderful 3 year old twins. After hearing stories of their friends missing events because they couldn't find sitters, the idea for OpenSitter was born. After several years of exploring ideas and designs for the service, OpenSitter was launched on Valentine's Day, 2011. Fitting for such a labor of love.

Contact us

We want to hear from you! OpenSitter is just getting off the ground, so we'd love to have your feedback to make sure we are focusing on the features that will help make OpenSitter the easiest way for sitters and parents to connect. Take a minute and drop us an email at feedback@opensitter.com. We'll respond to every email we get as quickly as we can.